5 Reasons To Visit Northern Italy

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Of course, there are always many, many reasons to travel, especially to far off places with different cultures and exciting new landscapes. So when I say, “5 Reasons To Visit Northern Italy”, I’m conjuring up a very condensed list of a few of my favorite stops during my quick trip to Europe. Hopefully, I’ll be able to visit again in the future and discover even more hidden gems scattered throughout this beautiful country.

1. The Beautiful Rolling Vineyards Of Northern Italy

The lush green rolling hills of Tuscany.
This post contains affiliate links so I may receive a commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through one of my links.

Schedule a wine tour and spend the day sipping some of the finest wines in the world with beautiful backdrops like this. There are tons of wineries scattered throughout Italy so deciding might be difficult. If you are a wino the choice might be easy, but if you are touring Tuscany for the views and experience than know that everywhere is beautiful! We visited Ricasoli, Italy’s oldest winery. The tour was very well done and was packed with tons of historical information as well as some wonderfully tasting wines!

2. A Famous Historical Structure in Pisa

The leaning tower of Pisa.
The iconic Leaning Tower of Pisa in Northern Italy.

The city itself is unique and charming, but stopping by the famous leaning tower for the classic “I’m holding it up” tourist photo is a must. This was a very quick stop for us. For me, it was worth it to grab the iconic photo. I would have loved to spend some more time exploring Pisa and the surrounding areas. I had heard so much about this city prior to traveling so it might have to be put back on the list!

3. The Wonderful and Interesting Cusine of Northern Italy

A biscotti gelato on a cone overlooking the waterfront.
A biscotti gelato is the perfect snack while exploring any Italian city.

Try something new and out of your comfort zone to satisfy your adventurous taste buds. Search for establishments off the beaten path for a more cultural experience. I know gelato isn’t that adventurous, but look how delicious that looks! I will say that I did try an Italian pizza that was covered in anchovies at a local restaurant. Overall it was great, but definatley not something I’ll be putting on my everyday menu back at home.

4. The Unique And Charming City Of Venice

The Grand Canal of Venice, Italy loaded with gondolas and boats.
The Grand Canal is a must see while visiting northern Italy.

Start your day in Venice with the notion that you will get lost and take your time as you wander the skinny streets that are laced with bakeries, shops, and restaurants. Every turn you take will lead you to a new and different perspective of the city. I really enjoyed not knowing exactly where I was. Eventually, you spot a more unique landmark where you can get your bearings to continue on your journey. If you navigate with the canal as your point of reference, you will have no trouble finding your way. Also, make sure to take a ride on the water at least once, because “when in Venice…”

 5. The Bustling City Of Florence

A panoramic view of Florence, Italy.
The beautiful city of Florence, Italy from the Piazzale Michelangelo.

Museums, churches, and restaurants could keep you busy here for days. Make sure to spend a good chunk of time wandering the streets around the cathedral. This is where most of the touristy things are, but the architecture and history of the area are absolutely breathtaking. This is a great city to also explore the outskirts and hang with the locals. Many people who live here probably don’t spend a ton of time in the historical areas so you can find some of the best food outside of the city. We visited a couple of places with a local friend that gave us a more authentic Florence experience! While you are exploring, definitely grab a photo overlooking the city at Piazzale Michelangelo.

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