Adventure Travel On A Budget

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I often get asked, how do I travel so much especially on such a tight budget? My short answer is, I do an obscene amount of research before I ever commit to any type of adventure travel. I search for weeks for any deals and ways to save money. My priority is always the most “bang for my buck“. I want to stay safe while traveling and also enjoy myself, so in my experience, the cheapest isn’t always best. I weigh all the options and search for any and all ways to save money on whatever adventure I am planning. Reading reviews, tracking points and snagging deals are all tactics I use to book the perfect get-away.

Reading Reviews Of Aventure Travel

Sifting through pages of personal reviews is my favorite way to choose any business that I potentially will be counting on to provide me with the best experience during my adventure travels. Reading blog posts and Trip Advisor reviews are important to determine how a tour operator or any other business treated their customers during their stay.

As I read through various articles, I like to also research the author of the review to verify that they are a real person and they truly had the experiences they shared. I’ve even reached out to said authors to ask questions or request more information. I also encourage everyone to always review businesses, especially when you’ve had amazing service.

An adventure traveler flexing back muscles in a hot spring in Iceland.
Getting out of your comfort zone is so much fun!

Tracking Points For Adventure Travel

This is probably the most important aspect of traveling on a budget for me. I’ve done a massive amount of research on this topic and still continue to learn more tips and tricks to optimally utilize various points systems. My current tactic is double or triple dipping into multiple programs to earn the maximum amount of points possible. For example, if I book my flight through Orbitz, I receive “Orbucks” which calculates to 1% spent on flights or vacation packages. From the Orbitz website, I filter the results to only show airlines that are part of the SkyMiles program.

I’ve realized over the years that staying loyal to an airline has many benefits including accumulating points as well as reaching a status for their loyalty programs. When I book a SkyMiles affiliated flight through Orbitz with my Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card I am literally triple dipping into three different points programs that I can eventually redeem for travel.

Hikers climb with Kilimanjaro in the background.
Bucket list adventures like climbing Kilimanjaro are possible with budget travel tips!

Snagging Deals For Adventure Travel

For me, it’s very important to not only look at the dollar sign but also what the trip might include. For example, does a hotel offer continental breakfast? If so, then that is one less meal you will have to purchase during your get-away. Track prices for flights with apps like Skyscanner and also search for flights during the middle of the week rather than on a Friday or Saturday when most other people are. I’ve stayed up till 2:00 AM on a Tuesday morning to book a flight to Iceland and saved around $300.

If possible, book your adventure during the “off-season” and try to travel with friends or family that could split costs with you. Check sites like Groupon for amazing all-inclusive deals or trips that include airfare. I traveled to Australia with a Groupon and paid around $2,000 for all flights, hotels, transfers, breakfasts, and excursions. Deals are out there, it just requires patience and plenty of time spent researching.

An adventure traveler jumping in front of Sydney Harbor.
“What is life but one great adventure?”

I personally use all of the recommendations I’ve made as a customer and have found that it benefits my life greatly. Remember to always research and read the fine print before acting on any offer!

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