Tubing Ginnie Springs Florida

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There are dozens of natural freshwater springs that are scattered across central Florida. These springs offer a great way to enjoy the outdoors while escaping the shoulder to shoulder crowds of the attractions in Orlando. If you are looking for a way to relax on the water while floating down a crystal clear river with a beer in your hand, then look no further than Ginnie Springs Florida!

Swimmers float in the crystal clear water at Ginnie Springs
You can see just how crystal clear the water really is at Ginnie Springs.

When To Visit Ginnie Springs Florida

Ginnie Springs sits along the Santa Fe River in the town of High Springs. It is comprised of several different springs all with 72-degree crystal clear water. Since the temperature of the springs never change and Florida is in a warmer climate, Ginnie Springs tubing is open year-round. The park opens at 8:00 am every day but has various closing times depending on the season. Daily admission is $15.00 which can be paid with cash or card. Click here for more information on hours and admission.

Read more below for camping information, but if you’re not into roughing it out in the woods, check out the Grady House Bed & Breakfast for the absolute most wonderful place to stay in High Springs!

A view of the river along Ginnie Springs.
The view when tubing down the river that connects all the springs.

The summer obviously draws the largest crowds as well as weekends and holidays. With multiple springs and a fairly wide river, it doesn’t feel as crowded as it actually is. I have seen photos of the tubers packed into the river during those busy times, so always plan to arrive early. For the most part, Ginnie Springs tubing is very organized. Finding a spot to park was easy if you get there in the morning, but by afternoon parking was very limited.

A view from a tuber inside the crystal clear water at Ginnie Springs.
Floating in the springs with my cool donut float!

What To Bring For Your Float

For the perfect day on the water with friends or family being prepared is key. When you arrive at Ginnie Springs, you’ll be directed to the camp store which is just to the right of the guard shack. Here you can find just about anything you may have forgotten at home, but also many items including tubes, goggles, kayaks or paddleboards for rent.

Tubes are $6.00 a day. They are very durable and come already blown up. Bringing your own tube is also allowed and there is a free air station just behind the camp store. Most people who bring their own tubes have the most fantastically elaborate floats I have ever seen. My favorite was a unicorn with rainbow wings that fits probably fifteen people.

For those of you who want to buy a unicorn for your own party float, check this out!

Or if you are looking for a more modest float, like my sprinkled donut, click here!

Hanging out on donut float at Ginnie Springs.
Ginnie Springs is one of the few springs that you can drink alcohol at. Just remember, don’t litter!

Ginnie Springs Tubing

The float down the river, depending on the current, is about an hour from Devil’s Spring to Twin Spring. If the water is a bit higher than normal with a stronger current you may have to exit earlier. The walk back is about fifteen minutes along a sandy road. I recommend bringing along sandals for the walk and simply tying them to your tube or leaving them on during the float. When you check-in at the camp store you will receive a map of Ginnie Springs. The map is easy to read, but also there are plenty of signs to direct you. Small yellow signs that indicate the tubing trail line the sandy road along the river.

A beer along for the ride when floating down Ginnie Springs.
I’d say one beer per float is a good way to have a good day!

The Perks Of Ginnie Springs

Ginnie Springs Florida is one of the few that I’ve visited that allows alcohol on the water. Pack some beers for the lazy float down the river. Make sure to only bring cans and dispose of any trash you have so that the park can remain clean for others to enjoy. Grab some friends and make your way to Ginnie Springs Florida for a fun day on the water.

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Tubers pose with their floats in front of the river.
Posing after a successful day at Ginnie Springs!

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  1. This is on my local bucket list for this summer. Perfect timing. I have been to Ginnie Springs over the years, diving, tubing, swimming. But I have not been with my kids. Those floats are yours? They’re great. I will have to search those out before we go!

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