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Mount Kilimanjaro is the tallest free-standing mountain in the world and the highest mountain in Africa. There are glaciers that cover the top of the peak that could very well disappear in the next few decades. It is one of the seven summits and is located in the beautiful country of Tanzania. The trek is beautiful and the challenge is a difficult one. Trust Kilimanjaro Backcountry Adventures to lead you to a successful summit to the roof of Africa.

There are obviously plenty of reasons as to why over 30,000 people every year attempt to climb to the summit of Kilimanjaro. The trek to Uhuru peak takes up a slot on a lot of people’s bucket lists because the hike is difficult, but also extremely possible!

Since the early 1990s, Tanzania has required that all trekkers be lead by a registered and licensed guide up Mount Kilimanjaro. It is important to choose a company that will guide you safely and successfully to the summit of Kilimanjaro. There are tons of options out there. I know, I researched for years before I made the trek.

Based on my own personal experience I am here to not only recommend but RAVE about Kilimanjaro Backcountry Adventures.

Safe and Successful Summits with Kilimanjaro Backcountry Adventures

Guides with experience and knowledge to make sure you make it to the top. Our group consisted of four hikers (myself and three of my friends). Kilimanjaro Backcountry Adventures had three highly trained and skilled guides to accompany us to the summit of Kilimanjaro using the Machame Route. You can read a detailed description of climbing via the Machame Route HERE. Each of our guides had been to the top of Kilimanjaro many times and knew everything there was to know about the mountain. Everything from the unique foliage we saw in the rainforest to the history of the Kilimanjaro.

Kilimanjaro Backcountry Adventures guides at Mweka Gate.
The three best guides to lead us to a successful summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Our guides were experts and I felt comfortable trusting them with my life. They checked in on how we were feeling constantly throughout the day. They monitored our water intake and made sure we were eating to stay strong. Our guides were great about checking our gear and assisting with any problem we encountered. We had a 1:1 ratio of guide to hiker on summit day. Most other companies we saw that morning couldn’t say the same. I literally can’t stress enough how attentive our guides were, especially on summit day, to our every need. They were there to unzip our jackets, help with water bottles and even put my gloves on! They truly wanted to see us reach the top and all of these small details add up to a successful summit of Kilimanjaro.

A group selfie after reaching the top of the Barranco Wall with our guides from Kilimanjaro Backcountry Adventures.
Our crew after reaching the top of the Barranco Wall! This was our summit crew! Our three guides plus our “singer” who kept us motivated the entire hike!

A Local and Authentic Experience with Kilimanjaro Backcountry Adventures

As I’ve already mentioned, our guides knew every aspect of Mount Kilimanjaro and were able to share all the interesting facts with us. They were able to point out interesting animals like the white-necked ravens as well as give the history of the volcanic activity of the mountain. Each of them had been to the summit many times so they were able to show us all the beautiful views as well as the perfect place to visit the “internet cafe”. No one knows this mountain better than the crew at Kilimanjaro Backcountry Adventures!

Four hikers in a cave along the Machame route to summit Kilimanjaro.
A small cave that was previously used as shelter by porters and guides.

Everyone on the crew is so excited to have you there and see you summit. As you climb higher, you might need a bit of extra motivation to help keep you moving. The entire crew is cheering you towards a successful summit from day one with fun Tanzanian mountain songs that will be stuck in your head for weeks after you return home. At first, you might not want to join in, but once you learn the words you won’t be able to help yourself!

A group selfie with Kilimanjaro Backcountry Adventures.
The crew from Kilimanjaro Backcountry Adventures.

Luxury on Kilimanjaro

All the routes except for the Marangu route require hikers to sleep in tents. Kilimanjaro Backcountry Adventures did a wonderful job including so many unique amenities to keep us comfortable during the trek. We slept in warm tents that were durable and cozy. Each tent also came with sleeping mats for each person as well as an area outside of the tent to keep your shoes and trekking poles.

A tent set up in front of Kilimanjaro with a few clouds covering the peak.
Tent set up under Kilimanjaro at Barranco Camp.

Each morning we were treated to warm water “wash wash” bowls to clean up with as well as hot coffee or tea that was brought to our tents. Each night we also received the washbowls and our water bottles would be filled with boiling water to keep us warm in our sleeping bags. The mess tent was another nice amenity to be able to eat in a separate area from where we slept. It was always so nicely set and stocked with plenty of coffee and tea.

The mess tent set up by Kilimanjaro Backcountry Adventures has various drinks and food set for a meal on Kilimanjaro.
The mess tent all set and ready for a wonderful meal.

The most important aspect that Kilimanjaro Backcountry Adventures provided us during our trek was the private toilet. I think it goes without saying how nice this amenity was on the mountain. Of course, while you are hiking you don’t have access to it, rather you’ll have to use the “internet cafe” behind a rock or bush. The portable toilet, however, was set up at camp and available throughout the evening and the next morning. This was seriously such a luxury!

Two tents set up with Kilimanjaro in the background.
The toilet or “internet cafe” in the green tent in the background.

Food on the Mountain

One of the most important things you can do for yourself to ensure you make it to the top of Kilimanjaro is to EAT! Our guides made sure that we had enough food at all times. That meant that each meal encompassed an appetizer, main entre as well as a dessert which was usually fruit! Our personal chef was able to whip up a variety of great-tasting meals that were the perfect fuel for our trek. Fresh fruits and vegetables as well as snacks and teas were a part of every meal to make sure we were never hungry on the mountain.

A plate of food consisting of eggs, bread and vegetables provided by Kilimanjaro Backcountry Adventures.
A small portion of one of the meals provided by Kilimanjaro Backcountry Adventures during the hike.

I Highly Recommend Kilimanjaro Backcountry Adventures to Guide you to the Summit of Mount Kilimanjaro

I want to thank Kilimanjaro Backcountry Adventures for everything they did for us during our trek to the summit of Kilimanjaro! And to the entire crew who helped us reach the roof of Africa (pictured way up above).

Credit also goes out to my lovely hiking buddies Taylor, Stephanie, and Haley for posing for my photos as well as supplying some of the pictures for this blog post!

Also, make sure to check out my other posts on climbing Kilimanjaro along the Machame Route as well as how I prepared for high altitude with my Simple Kilimanjaro Training Guide.

Questions or comments about choosing a Kilimanjaro trekking company? Feel free to reach out by dropping a comment below or reaching out to me on my Facebook Page!

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