Florida Springs

5 Best Places To See Manatees In Florida This Winter

Florida is home to manatees all year long. During the summer, these gentle giants can be seen swimming off the coast. When the cool weather arrives in the winter months, the Florida manatees will travel to the warmer natural springs scattered throughout the state. From November to March, Florida’s springs will begin overflowing with manatees …

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Silver Springs Kayaking and Glass Bottom Boat Tour

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the busy theme parks in Orlando and Tampa to relax and explore one of Florida’s oldest natural attractions, Silver Springs State Park. Silver Spring is one of the largest artesian springs in the world and has tons of activities for locals and visitors to appreciate wild …

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Kayaking Blue Springs in Florida

There are tons of springs scattered across the sunshine state and a few of these natural gems are less than an hour from Orlando. One of the most popular springs in central Florida, Blue Springs State Park is known for the high volume of manatees that seek refuge in the winter months and its crisp, …

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Rainbow Springs Kayaking and Tubing

The Rainbow River has been a natural Florida gem for decades and continues to draw locals and tourists to its crisp cool waters. The Rainbow River is fed by the headspring at Rainbow Springs State Park which is one of Florida’s largest freshwater springs. The river’s vibrant colors and crystal clear water make it the …

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Tubing Ginnie Springs Florida

There are dozens of natural freshwater springs that are scattered across central Florida. These springs offer a great way to enjoy the outdoors while escaping the shoulder to shoulder crowds of the attractions in Orlando. If you are looking for a way to relax on the water while floating down a crystal clear river with …

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The 5 BEST Natural Springs Near Orlando

Looking towards the island of the Emerald Cut.

Florida is home to more than just theme parks. There are plenty of outdoor activities in Central Florida including tons of natural springs near Orlando.

Kayaking From King’s Landing

Kayaking from King’s Landing near Apopka, Florida is the perfect starting point for a paddling adventure down the Wekiva River or through the Emerald Cut.

Kayaking at Weeki Wachee Springs

Most vacationers come to Florida for the world-class theme parks, beaches, and resorts. The downfall to popular tourists spots is long lines and shoulder to shoulder crowds that usually plague most of the high-end attractions. Luckily, Florida boasts plenty of lesser-known beaches, a plethora of charming small towns and dozens of freshwater springs. If you’re …

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Swimming With Manatees In Crystal River

These large marine herbivores frequent the waters of the Florida coast throughout the year but will retreat to the warmer waters of many natural springs as temperatures drop in the winter months. As the springs fill up with sometimes hundreds of manatees, it offers a chance to observe and be amazed by their size and …

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