Dingboche to Lobuche

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Ama Dablam

I woke up just as the sun was rising and when I looked out the window it was crystal clear outside.  I immediately bundled up and woke everyone to go outside.  The mountains that were covered by clouds yesterday were just as crisp as the morning air.  Snowcapped peaks surrounded us including one of the most famous mountain peaks, Ama Dablam.

A different breakfast

This morning I opted to try something other than eggs for breakfast.  I settled on Tibetan bread, which after I added honey tasted very similar to a funnel cake from the fair.  Pair that with some black coffee and I was ready to go!

Himalayan Breakfast
The most delicious thing you’ll eat during your trek to Everest Base Camp.

The initial part of our trek today was a very gradual incline which was a huge relief from the tough hike we experienced yesterday.  As we continued on, multiple helicopters would pass by overhead taking full advantage of the clear conditions.  Helicopters make runs up and down the mountain, carrying either supplies or people and I got excited at just about everyone that flew by.  The visibility was still great so we were able to snap a ton of pictures and have some fun photo ops along the way.

Trekker overlooking the Himalayas when trekking from Dingboche to Lobuche.
So many photo opportunities!

We arrived at our lunch teahouse relatively quickly so we were able to sip some coffee and enjoy the views. We spent extra time just relaxing because our next stage of trekking for today would take us straight up to Memorial Hill.

Hiker drinking coffee.
Coffee is a staple during the trek to Everest Base Camp.

As we reached the top, we were greeted with beautiful views and heavy hearts. The hillside was lined with memorials to remember very soul lost on Mount Everest.  Someone was knelt down and crying in front of Scott Fischer’s memorial.  Scott Fischer was known for his record-breaking mountaineering career and was lost on Everest during the 1996 blizzard.  I’ve dreamt about Everest for many years and my respect for the mountain grew exponentially reaching Memorial Hill.

Memorial Hill along Everest Base Camp Trek.
A moment of silence for all those who have lost their lives on Everest.

The final push into Lobuche (16,207′) was relatively flat, but I started to feel a bit of a headache coming on so I decided to take it easy.  Snow started to fall in almost a whiteout capacity making the last mile into town something I’ll never forget.  Once we reached our teahouse, we decided against an acclimation hike due to the conditions outside. We opted instead to rest up and enjoy a hot meal with a few games of cards.  We talked about logistics for the morning just before bed because tomorrow would be the day we reach Everest Base Camp! *April 6th, 2018 

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